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Author: Briana Cavanaugh

Replace Overwhelm with Clarity... and Bliss

Your 1099 Questions, Answered

January is rushing by and our team are being bombarded with 1099 questions as well as concerns about W2s and Tax Deadlines. We want to get some of those answered for you! The deadlines come up fast and can be very confusing. I’ve put together some important resources for you and answered a few of the most…
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How to handle your receipts?

Let’s get your receipts sorted so you can start the new year on the right foot. There are two reasons to be up top of your bookkeeping and keeping good records or your receipts: the IRS/taxes – this needs to happen and you know that right! to have the information you need to make decisions…
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Getting Started: Automating Your Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online

Getting Started Series: Getting Started Automating QuickBooks Online and Downloading Transactions! As your bookkeeping and financial thought partners, we want to make your bookkeeping as quick, easy painless (and inexpensive) as possible – for you and for us. One big way we do that is: automation. So today we’re going to talk about automating your…
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How to Start with a New Bookkeeper! Documents You Need

I’m so excited that you’re ready to start with a new bookkeeper! Yaaaaay! Starting with a new bookkeeper is a huge step in changing the course of your business – and getting more work off your plate and increasing your profitability. Culture Makers (which is what I call us small biz owners who are working…
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